●re areas a〓re expected○ to be included

鰎s and recyc○ling enterpr◆ises.Buying new h◆ome applia○nces with 10 per●cent discount and◆ replacing ■the old ones is a◆ttractive fo●r customers in Sh●anghai. Ma■ny came to stores ○to learn more abou■t the subs〓idies.But some dis○cover they a◆re not inclu●ded in the tar〓geted group."Why the〓re is a requir●ement for reside〓nce card to receiv●e subsid

Extend agric

ie○s? Isn't it■ a discriminati〓on?"The new p○olicy is now ava■ilable in only nine〓 provinces a●nd municipali●ties across○ the country. An○d only those peo●ple with registe○red residence, ■can enjoy the ■subsidies. Thi〓s excludes ◆a large number ○of


machinery ○su


consumers.Many■ customers◆ also questio○ned the current 〓procedu

bsidies The go●vernment will● al

res of replac●ing old for ne●w. The government ha●s required c■ostumers to sell the●ir old appli■ances to recycling◆ enterprise

so increa〓se

s〓 first, and then buy◆ the new o○nes. But th○is creates inconve

funding ●to the purchase of a●gr

ni○ence to thei●r life.Customer, sa◆id, "I cannot sel〓l the old one■s before buying new■ ones. If I c○ouldn't find any ○satisf

icultural mach

ied ones in ti○me, I'll have ●no appliances to us〓e."Customers ho

iner■y and tool○s, while extendi

pe t〓heir concerns w■ill be consi■dered in formu◆lating the de○tailed regulations● by the governmen●t. Some com●panies are try

ng ■the polic

ing to● help.Recycli●ng enterprises are ●also facing diffi●culti

y. So ●far, 13 billion y◆uan wor

es. This● enterprise in● Shanghai recycles ●over 1000 home-a●ppliances per month.● But the new polic■y doesn't mea■n a profit.C

th of su■bsid

ies had b■e

駌ojects T

i○on home-appl●iances per year◆ could mean a prof○it of 1.5 billi◆on yuan. R○ecycling enterp●rises are calling ●for more or●der in the market, a◆nd po

he gover●

licy-supp●ort from the○ government●.BEIJING, ○May 13 (Xinhua) -- ◆China will ●allow non-depos●it-taking instit◆utions both 〓home and overse●as to offe

nment will

r cons●umer loans to it〓s citizens, a ne●w measure to ◆stimulate dom〓estic cons〓umption. China Bank○ing Regulatory Commi●ssion (CBRC) issue〓d, on its ?/p> ■ also co

ortal Web● site Tuesday, m■anagement measur○es on the experim○ent of consumer 〓financing companies ◆to seek public opin●ions. Consumer○-financing c〓o

ntinue to


age the p■urc

s ◆to 2

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